(51°24’10” E)

Sounds tell us about past stories, stories that come from geographic determinism. This work is a product by artist that creates their own geography which inspired their creation.

Group Exhibition

January 2020, V-art gallery, Tehran.

This is a group exhibition in January 2020 in a V-art gallery in Tehran.

(51^24’10”E) is the name of art work. The name of the work is named based on the geographical location of the exhibition. In this project, we used sound art as a medium. Inside the gallery, there were three conexs boxes in size (1,10mx 2 m). In each conex there were one sound art.  Determined inside of the conexes was devoid of any sensation inside of them. The boxes were dark and the audience could listen to the headset that was inside of the conex and the sound that was played from the conex 1, to conex 2 and then conex3. conexes boxes encountered with different sound arts. In fact, three places and three events took place simultaneously, in parallel at that point and the sound was different in interacting with the audience itself by dealing with the work.

Inside of boxes

Sound art Installation

Three conexes boxes